This guy turned 8 today:


I’m not sure how this happened. I’m not sure how he went from this not-so-tiny thing who melted my heart immediately but never slept to this wannabe big kid who still melts my heart and doesn’t want to sleep. He’s pretty great. And by pretty great I mean utterly and completely fantastic. Not perfect. But still fantastic. This kid is full of passionate, full of life, determined, curious, smart, loyal, giving, kind, and really, really good at snuggling with his mama.

I love you J. I am so incredibly lucky to be your mom.


spring break + pdx.

Trains, streetcars, buses, light rail, Mythbusters at OMSI, Oregon Zoo, Powell’s, food, food, and more food. Our Spring Break trip was pretty great. Well, mostly pretty great. That’s another post, though.







happy heart day.

Not only did he wear a pink tie for Valentine’s Day, he also asked me if I would be his Valentine then insisted we go out “on a real date for food.” Melt my heart…



We are two weeks into summer and have been going nonstop. Thankfully, we have a quiet week ahead with no camps or swim lessons. Z is hard at work this morning painting super heroes and the big kids are having some movie time interspersed with a lot of chores. Lucky for me, they are happy to be helping around the house because it means they are earning rewards. The promise of ice cream or a trip to Chuck E Cheese means I suddenly have kids who want to clean bathrooms, fold laundry, sweep, vacuum, and pick up after themselves. I think I may be a genius.

Z and A finished up two weeks of swim lessons last Thursday. They both did fantastic and got promoted to the next levels. A was especially thrilled to earn her swim license (meaning she can swim by herself at the pool now) and to jump off the high dive. Z has no fear of the water and his favorite part of class is jumping off the edge. Whether or not his teacher is watching, unfortunately.

Saturday we woke up early and headed to the annual Rotary rummage sale and auction. When the ropes dropped we all raced to get everything on our lists. A headed to the piles of skates and scored a pair of rollerblades for $3. J and I headed to the sports room where he found a lacrosse helmet and shoulder pads for $18. He then found a couple Nerf guns for $1 each. Needless to say, he was a happy boy. Z found a big boy bike and some new Hot Wheels. Mr. D found a hedge trimmer and leaf blower for the yard. Then we fought our way through the piles of tables in the gym and came away with a couple bagfuls of books. Nothing is as exciting and exhausting as Rotary. We love it.






outdoor ed.

My baby girl is growing up. 3 more weeks and she will be done with elementary school. I’m in denial. This week she spent 3 days away on Outdoor Ed. with all the 4th graders from her school. I was a wreck – worried and anxious the whole time. She wasn’t. She had so much fun with her friends and loved her independence. I know I’m completely biased, but she’s amazing. I love how confident she is. I love how she manages to roll with the punches. I love how she walked into a new school at the end of the year and has managed to make new friends, do great in class, and thrive. She’s so much like her daddy it’s crazy. She came back from Outdoor Ed. looking older. Her teacher said she matured. I believe it.


J is 7 now. How did this happen? I love this kid. Enthusiastic. Inquisitive. Snuggly. Determined. Silly. Compassionate. Lego loving. He’s a pretty great kid. His birthday was a perfect mix of fun and calm. Is that even possible? Presents in the morning, Lego cupcakes at school, a couple friends over for an afternoon of Skylanders and pizza, and a concert at school to finish it off. Happy, happy birthday Guapo. I love you like crazy.