We spent Saturday in the city. A started circus school (and learned how to do a bit of plate spinning along the way). We then proceeded with step 2 of our Awesome Day in the Sun which was a picnic by the lake. After the picnic, the kids wanted to rent paddle boats. Luckily, the boats were all rented out and they only seated 4 people (because honestly, pedaling 3 kids around a lake sounds kind of like a nightmare to me). We compromised and rented one of those ginormous bike surrey contraptions and pedaled around the park for an hour. Well, pedaled and pushed at one point when someone, who was navigating, missed our turnoff and we had to push it up a steep path. (They key thing in this story is that the kids weren’t tall enough to help pedal, try as they might, so it was just the two of us making this enormous thing go.) We followed the “bike” ride up with some Icees and tree climbing.

It was a really, really good day.

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