6:04 am: Get shaken awake by the 5-year old who wants to get in bed with me.
6:09 am: Have my nanas* grabbed and fondled by the 2-year old. (*It’s a hold over from his nursing days. Think about it.)
6:14 am: Shake my head as the 2-year old starts trying to fly off the bed. Literally.
6:16 am: Comfort the 2-year old who gets mad when he discovers he can’t actually fly.
6:20 am: Fend off a jumping dog as I stumble to the kitchen in search of coffee.
6:25 am: Take markers away from the 2-year old who is drawing all over himself and the table with no paper in sight.
6:27 am: Peel off stickers the 2-year old has now adhered to the table.
6:29 am: Help the 8-year old finish her math homework.
6:45 am: Try and clean out the massive amounts of cars that have accumulated in the boys’ room.
7:01 am: Find blocks the 2-year old has put in the dog’s water bowl.
7:02 am: Wash off blocks.
7:05 am: Try to pick up in living room.
7:09 am: Get distracted from the picking up by the 2-year old who has opened the pencil sharpener and is scattering shavings everywhere.
7:10 am: Sweep up pencil shavings.
7:16 am: Take bag of chocolate chips away from the 2-year old.
7:18 am: Help the 5 and 8-year old finish packing their lunches.
7:21 am: Explain to the 5 and 8-year old why they can’t take candy to school.
7:24 am: Fill two grocery bags with cars to give away.
7:27 am: Remind the 8-year old that it is winter and tights or leggings might be in order.
7:32 am: Comfort the 2-year old who again tried to fly, this time off a step.
7:34 am: Say goodbye to the 5 and 8-year old as they head off to school.
7:35 am: Turn the TV on for the 2-year old so he can stay out of trouble for at least a while.