Someday this kid is going to do great things. Someday his determination is going to serve him well. Someday he will use his passion for justice for good. Someday he will stop having tantrums.

I thought by age 5.5 we would be done with tantrums. Evidently not. Evidently, not being allowed to sit in the stroller for the two block walk home is cause for a 1.5 hour tantrum. One. Point. Five. Hours.

Not sitting in the stroller is nothing new. We never let him sit in it. I guess after a fun-filled day in the city he was tired. Hence the tantrum. For, let me say it again, 1.5 hours.


I love him. I love his determination. I love his passion. I love his sense of justice. I’m just going to keep remembering the good so I don’t have to remember the screaming, yelling, stomping, crying, and sobbing.

Did I mention the 1.5 hours?