This year we managed to hit not one, but 4 pumpkin patches.

Z and I got invited to go along with the kindergarten classes because he has “Pez” (J‘s teacher from last year) wrapped around his little finger. After some hay bale climbing, cow milking, farm animal petting, tractor riding and potato digging action, he got stung by a bee. We hit the road shortly thereafter since he quickly developed a fear of anything small and flying. Although, at one point, Z managed to highjack my camera and take some pretty amazing pictures of me…

This may be my new favorite picture of myself.

This is definitely one of my favorites of him. Love those boots!

Last week J‘s class went to another pumpkin patch and Z and I tagged along. I’m not sure if the highlight at this one was feeding the horses or watching the kids scream in disgust as they tried to feed the cows…

Those cows had some seriously huge, slobbery tongues.

This weekend we managed to make it to two pumpkin patches in one day. The first one was near our house and involved…

an incredibly expensive session of bounce house jumping,

crazy wooden cutouts that have nothing to do with fall,

and pumpkins that were even more expensive than the bounce houses.

After a few tears when we informed the kids there was no way we would be paying $25 per pumpkin, we headed up the highway to farmland and the best pumpkin patch yet.

The pony rides were the highlight. (Really, how could they not be?)

Z tried on a pretty stellar hat.
Biggest pumpkin she could carry!