We just got back from a week in Medford with family. Such. A. Great. Week. The best, really. We spent the week with my parents, who fed us like crazy (best pot roast ever!). The kids got to spend oodles of time with their cousins. Z had a really great week, with extra room to roam and all kinds of people paying attention to him. We had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, with 18 people and way too much good food (my favorite part of the day was hovering around the turkey while my dad was carving it, snatching pieces that fell…just like the old days). There were multiple puzzles put together. A lot of time lazing in pajamas, reading books, taking naps, and watching movies. A got to have a couple sleepovers with her cousin. J got to stay up late watching Transformers with Mr. D – a major treat for him. I got to watch Michigan FINALLY beat Ohio State with my brother (again, just like the old days).

I’m so happy we made the trip up. I hope we can do it again soon.

How many cousins can fit on the waterbed?

Snuggling with Grampy.

Food nirvana at Grammy & Grampy’s!


Making Ugly Dolls.

The Littles. Eating Auntie Heather’s yummy pumpkin cake.

Leaf fight at Uncle Jason’s before hitting the road.