I can’t believe we are going to be on the road out of here in only three days. The movers come on Monday. It’s been a weird experience to not have to pack anything. But, packing enough clothes and Legos to last for a month (until our stuff gets there) has kept us busy. That and trying to clean the house while still living it. Which, quite honestly, is impossible on a good day, let alone when it needs to be clean enough to get our deposit back.

Z had his last Super Hero class (OT) with Miss Karen yesterday. It was so sad to say goodbye to her. She’s made such a difference in our daily lives. Life with Z is so much better now. He spent almost the whole session pretending that he was packing a big trip with “all our a lot of stuff” and taking it to his “new strange house.” I guess he does realize what is going on.

A and J had their last day at their great little school yesterday. I’m going to miss that place. Good friends. Amazing teachers. Staff who care about them. We went to the school auction last night where I discovered Mr. D* is crazy serious about winning what he bids on. My mom will actually have a birthday present next week and J was thrilled we won his class project. Wine, tacos, and great people – it was such a nice way to go out.

We get one last night with the Wiltsee Crew on Monday night. Pizza and beer. It should be a great time. And I’m not thinking about how hard it will be to say goodbye.